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South County Heroes Project

This extraordinary #Southcountyheroesproject spotlight involves a frontline worker and an East Greenwich family who had not met before the Covid-19 outbreak. It is one of the most heartwarming and inspirational stories I have heard so far during my work on this project. Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Kazmi is a hospitalist and is in charge of one of The Covid Teams at Miriam Hospital. In September 2019 his parents immigrated to the United States and began staying with him at his home in Providence. Though they had planned to move to NYC to live with Dr. Kazmi’s brother in March, they were forced to change their plans due to the Covid outbreak. Dr. Kazmi, concerned about his daily exposure to the virus and the welfare of his “at-risk” parents, decided to look for a place to rent for himself, in order to quarantine and keep his parents safe.

Several nurses at the hospital began researching rental properties for Dr. Kazmi. One of them came across a post on Facebook featuring a home that was owned by the Zarrella family in South Kingstown-on Narrow River. When they contacted the Zarrellas, they were informed of the family’s wish to “gift” their home to a healthcare worker in need of a place to quarantine themselves for the safety of their family. They were moved by Dr. Kazmi’s story and decided that he was just the person for their rental home.

Dr. Kazmi has been staying in this beautiful home for several weeks now, and is overwhelmed by the generosity of the Zarrella family. When I asked Dr. Kazmi how he felt about the Zarrella family and what they had done for him his response was, “My parents mean the world to me. They have sacrificed their entire lives to make a better future for my brother and me. For someone to unconditionally help me keep them safe, that’s something I don’t think I will ever be able to repay in my lifetime.”

#SouthCountyheroesproject #SKheroes

JL Photography’s #SouthCountyheroesproject is about sharing the good being done in our community. My hope is to bring awareness to how we can help support our incredible small businesses and honor our front-line workers that are giving so much.






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- Rhode island - PHOTOGRAPHY
- Rhode island - PHOTOGRAPHY