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Your Wedding Day Timeline

One of the most important things to consider while wedding planning is your timeline. Your photography timeline <or lack thereof> can make or break your wedding day. When your day is well planned, with plenty of time for every part to be documented, you will have a stress-free, organized day. A big part of what I will help you with in preparation for your wedding day, is coming up with your perfect timeline. I will work with you and any event coordinators – removing the stress from your wedding day completely.

30 mins- The Details

I always like to spend some time out of the day to photograph all your small details. These may include your gown, shoes, fragrance, jewelry, flowers, invitations, and any special and unique heirlooms. For the men, it may include his shoes, tie, bowtie, fun socks, cuff links and boutonniere.

Photographing details takes about 20 to 30 minutes if everything is pulled aside and ready ahead of time. This is a great task to have a member of your wedding party take care of for you. Read more about details here!

Tip: Send us a wedding invitation prior to the wedding so we can bring an extra prop to photograph your details with.

1 hour – Getting Ready

The hour of time is allocated to document the final touches of hair and makeup. Once everyone has their makeup on, we can grab a special moment of you and your girls sharing an iconic toast and a photo of everyone in their robes!

For the gentleman, this is your time to drink some beer, laugh, and enjoy your friends off while you sort out how to put on cufflinks and Google ‘how to fold a pocket square’.

30 mins- Get Dressed

Usually these 30 minutes are a bit chaotic! The wedding party grabs their dresses and gets dressed as quickly as they can! Everyone who is helping the bride and groom to get ready need to be all dressed and looking great!

30 mins – First Look

If you would like to do first looks – this is the time! I will let you have your moment, enjoy each other and capture the beauty of that first shared moment of excitement! When you’re ready, we’ll do some quick formal portraits of just the two of you!

15 mins- Your Wedding Party’s Time to Shine

Wedding party portraits go really quickly if you have a second photographer. Each of us will take one side: the bride and the groom. We’ll get photos of the individuals with the Bride/Groom, then each side all together. Once that’s all done, we come together for the full wedding party portraits!

If there’s only one photographer, obviously this process will take a bit longer.

15 mins Family Portraits

Your wedding day timeline will run nice and smooth if you let your family know ahead of time where and when their photos will be taken. I always ask for a list of family members you would like to include so no-one gets missed! This is the one time of day things can get out of control rapidly. It’s best to keep family groupings small (immediate family) and spectators to a minimum. Remember, I’m there to take photos so ask your guests to keep their iPhone in their pockets.

30 mins-Ceremony Details & Your Guests Arrival

Your guests are arriving and it’s time for you to hide! Enjoy these moments with your wedding party, parents or your fiancé – maybe even enjoy a quick (and clean) snack.

We will be at the ceremony venue documenting your guests greeting each other. It’s always so fun to see everyone come together!

30 mins – Ceremony

Of course we will be right there documenting everything from your big entrance to the kiss!

15 mins – Any Remaining Family Portraits

There’s always someone that misses family portrait time prior to the ceremony. This is my little buffer to make sure no one gets missed.

45 mins – Newlywed Photos

Right after the Ceremony is an exciting and blissful time. Usually the timing and lighting is perfect to capture some images and your new spouse!

30 mins – Cocktail Hour

Eat some food, say ‘hi’ to everyone and enjoy a glass of champagne! You’re officially MARRIED!

15 mins – Your Introduction, First Dance and Sweet Toasts

Your DJ will take over for a timetable now that the reception is underway! They are going to keep things moving smoothly and keep you on schedule as your photography team prepares to leave. Now is your time to celebrate with friends and family and have!

30 mins– Dinner and Cake Cutting

Cake cutting will depend on your cake and venue. If you are serving cake to your guests, often venues will have you cut cake after salads and before entrees.

15 mins – Sunset Photos

I will ask you to sneak away for about 5 minutes to get that perfect pink sky portrait, then you can go right back to greeting your guests and chatting with family! Chances are, I’m going to eat my dinner right after these photos.

15 mins – Parent Dances

I’m not crying, you’re crying…and your parents are definitely crying. Parent dances are a great way to end the formalities and open up the dance floor!

15 mins – Night Shot

The night photo is one of my favorite times of your Wedding Day. You get a break from your reception and actually get to spend five minutes alone (minus me). This is also my time to say goodbye and make sure you got all the photos you wanted.

15 mins – My Grand Exit

By this time of night everything has been covered! I only ever need a few minutes of dancing as it can get sloppy pretty quickly! It is also my chance to reflect on how grateful I am to have spent the day with you, your friends, and your family!

Every wedding day is a little different, but this timeline is a great place to start if you are wondering how a typical wedding day plays out. If you have any questions about your wedding photography timeline, shoot me a message!






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- Rhode island - PHOTOGRAPHY
- Rhode island - PHOTOGRAPHY